I am the founder and chief creative officer of Someoddpilot, a creative agency that builds brands. I’ve dedicated my life to branding and world-building because I believe that mythology is the most potent force in our culture.

I’ve been a photographer for 25 years and started Someoddpilot first as a record label and design studio in 1999, inspired by the legendary studio Hipgnosis. From day one we’ve been immersed in culture, subculture, and mythology, and what’s true for bands is doubly true for brands: if you don’t mean something to them, they won’t come.

At Someoddpilot we have worked with Patagonia, Saucony, Herman Miller, Pitchfork, Merrell, Dyson, Nike, The Second City and many others, including musicians, record labels, and cultural institutions around the world. We excel at developing brand mythologies, digital experiences and campaigns that feel authentic, passionate, and relevant. Our work has earned us a Shorty Social Good Award, a Webby, and a Cannes Lion.

We recently launched our own mythology, Space Becomes You, a 300-page art book, apparel line and series of art shows in our sister gallery Public Works. Through Public Works, we develop apparel, publications, items, and experiences that speak to the creative community.

My work has appeared in galleries, global campaigns, and album covers and has been featured in a a bunch of publications. I sometimes speak at universities, conventions, conference rooms, bars and dining tables, often without anyone asking.

In my free time I drum in a metal band called Beak, dance in candlelit bars, search for world peace, and spend time with my kids.

For speaking engagements, inquiries or to say hello, email me.